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Meteor Shower 2020: How To Witness The Eta Aquariid Shower & On What Time?

Meteor Shower 2020: Details about the Eta Aquariid meteor shower have been listed below. Read to know when to watch the atmospheric phenomenon.

meteor shower 2020

Eta Aquariid meteor shower occurs every May and is set up to light up the southern hemisphere during the early hours. It is expected that the Eta Aquariid meteor shower will probably be between 4:30 AM and 5:00 AM of May 6, 2020. Though this spectacular event will be historic to witness, it is going to keep a lot of enthusiasts up through the night in order to get the best glimpse. 

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Eta Aquariid meteor shower 2020

As per the American Meteor Society, this meteor shower activity will favour to people living in the southern hemisphere where 30-40 meteors can be witnessed every hour. Whereas, on the northern hemisphere, only 10-20 meteors will be witnessed. The meteor shower is reportedly expected to peak during the morning of May 5 and 6. Enthusiasts will be greeted with lovely skies over the course of this month as Comet SWAN and Comet Atlas will also be close to the earth during that period. 

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meteor shower 2020 what time is the meteor shower time where to look for meteor showers tonight meteor eta equarids

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Various official science authorities across the globe have confirmed that the meteor shower will be visible during the wee hours of the night. Prof Michael Brown from Monash University recently revealed to a leading news daily that the meteor will travel at a speed of 60 kms per second which makes them burn up and become shooting stars. As per reports, Australia is expected to witness 15-20 meteors in the shower. 

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According to Brown, the best way to experience the meteor shower 2020 would be getting outside at around 4:15 AM and looking roughly towards the east. Though adjusting one's eyes can take up to 15 minutes, it is advised to lie down and look for about 30 to 40 degrees over the horizon. The dust particles from the meteor shower 2020 will be visible roughly above 80 Kms from the Earth's surface. 

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what is the meteor shower 2020 meteor eta aquarids where to look for meteor showers tonight

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