Portable MRI Machine By Hyperfine Launched; 20x Less Costly & 10x Lighter


Recently, a brand named Hyperfine launched the world's first portable MRI machine. The MRI machine is 20 times less costly & 10 times lighter, ready for use.

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MRI machines look like intimidating massive tube-like structures where the patient enters the tube and powerful magnets capture images of their brain and body. People facing severe illnesses, or patients who are not in a condition to be brought into the room for taking their MRI scans face a lot of issues with the existing MRI machine. However, researchers have found a solution to fix this. Here is the solution that has been developed using the advancements in science and technology:

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World’s first portable MRI machine, ready to save lives!

According to recent reports by leading science and technology portals, a company called Hypperfine has developed a portable MRI machine. The MRI machine can be shifted from one room to another and be kept at the bedside. The MRI machine costs $50,000, which is a lesser amount when compared to the costs of the traditional MRI machines.

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Moreover, powering the portable MRI machine is a 0.064 Tesla magnet, which roughly translates to 10 times less power in comparison to the 1.5 Tesla magnet that is present in the conventional MRI machines. This MRI machine also does not require patients to be in a 'no-metal room', and they can use the device to take MRI scans even while wearing belts, watches, and other jewellery; which is a safety hazard in traditional MRI machines. According to the reports, the MRI machine also received clearance from the FDA for taking MRI scans of people's brain over the age of two years. On the same day as that of the FDA clearance of the portable MRI machine, a study was published about the machine involving 85 stroke patients who used the bedside MRI machine for a week. According to the data collected during the study, only six patients experienced claustrophobia, and a few could not fit into the portable MRI machine.

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According to Kevin Seth, MD, Senior Author and chief physician at the Yale School of medicine, the medical fraternity, along with advancements in science and technology, have tried and flipped the concept of MRI. He says that the portable MRI machine is a crucial development in the transition from having to get the patients to the MRI facilities to bringing the MRI to the patients. Kevin Seth also confirms that their early work suggests that Hyperfine’s portable MRI machine is safe and viable to take MRI scans in a complex clinical care environment.

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