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Super Pink Moon 2020 India Date And Time: How To See The Super Moon In India?

The full moon of April, known as the Pink Moon, will be the biggest supermoon of the year and will occur starting April 7. Read on for details on date and time.

Pink moon in India

The Pink Moon is expected to appear in the skies on the night of April 7 and morning of April 8. It will be at a distance of just 356,000 km from Earth, which is the closest point from the planet in its elliptic orbit. This will result in a “Supermoon” – a full moon that is a bit larger-than-average apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from Earth.

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Super Pink Moon date and time in India?

The full moon of April is known as the Pink Moon, and it will be visible starting Tuesday, April 7 at 10:35 PM EDT, a few hours after reaching its perigee, the nearest point from Earth in its orbit. The moon will reach its peak illumination around 10:35 PM and will have a golden hue.

In India, you can expect to spot the Pink Moon around 8 AM on April 8. To get the exact details on the moonrise and moonset date and times for a particular city, you can visit the link here

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The Pink Moon will be the biggest and brightest of this year

As reported by EarthSky, the angular diameter of the supermoon will be about 7% larger than the average size of a full moon, and around 14% bigger than the angular diameter of a micro-moon or mini-moon. It also added that one may notice that the full moon of this year will be particularly brighter. The super moon can be up to 14 per cent bigger to 30 per cent brighter than an average full moon, meaning that the pink super moon will be the biggest and the brightest of this year. 

If you aren't aware, this won't be the first super moon of 2020, as we have already seen one in February and one in March, last month, however, this one will certainly be different. So, be ready to pull out your binoculars to witness this year's beautiful pink super moon.

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Image credits: Unsplash | Ganapathy Kumar

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