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'Complete The Sequence' Puzzle And Solution: Test Your Creative Math Skills

Here is the 'Complete the Sequence' puzzle that is currently trending on social media. Solve this puzzle to test your decryption skills.

complete the sequence

Most people are cooped up inside their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This has led to widespread anxiety, as many have nothing to do during their excess free time at home. To pass their time, several netizens have now started solving puzzles and riddles on social media and Whatsapp. These puzzles/riddles can help you stay occupied and also sharpen your wits. Here is the "Complete the sequence" puzzle that is currently trending on social media and WhatsApp. 

"Complete the sequence" puzzle on social media

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complete the sequence

Above is the "Complete the sequence" puzzle that is currently being shared on social media. This puzzle tests your math skills, as you will have to apply all your basic math knowledge creatively to solve it. This sequence puzzle is similar to several other math sequence puzzles that are currently popular on social media. If you are unable to solve this puzzle, you can find out the real answer down below. 

"Complete the sequence" puzzle answer

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The answer to the above puzzle is 311322. This sequence puzzle requires creative thinking as well as decent math skills. Usually, people solve sequence puzzles by decrypting it from top to bottom. But in this case, you need to solve the sequence puzzle from bottom to the top. In this sequence puzzle, the 'lowest number describes the number right above it' and so on. 

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Split the digits of each number into groups of two to find the value of the number above. So, as the sixth number is 132112 - Therefore; One - 3, two - 1s, and One - 2. Now take a look at the fifth number - 3112. The sixth number perfectly describes the fifth. In the same way, the fifth number describes the fourth (1211).

Using this logic, you can find the value of the seventh number. As there are three - 1s in the sixth number, the first two digits are 31. There is just one - 3 in the sixth number, the next two digits are 13. Finally, there are two - 2s in the sixth number, so the final digits of the seventh number are 22. Hence the final number is 311322.

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