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Solve The Puzzle: Here's The Answer To 'Ramayan Ke 44 Patra' Puzzle

'Solve the puzzle Ramayan ke 44 patra' is trending these days. Many people have been forwarding this riddle among their friends and family. Read on.

solve the puzzle ramayan

The COVID 19 pandemic has held the world in its grip. For more than a month now, India has been under complete lockdown in order to avoid the spread of the potentially deadly disease. During the lockdown, many people resorted to catching up on their hobbies and doing things that they were unable to do due to their busy schedules. Apart from that, people have taken to social media in these tough times to stay in contact with their close friends and loved ones. More and more people are being seen engaging with one another and giving each other puzzles, quizzes and challenges to keep each other entertained. One such puzzle that has been doing the rounds on social media is the 'Solve the puzzle by finding characters from the epic Ramayan'. Read on to know the question and answer with the solution.

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What is 'Ramayan ke 44 patra' quiz?

A puzzle has been seen getting circulated among WhatsApp groups, and to solve the puzzle, one has to find 44 characters from Ramayan. The names of the characters can be made vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Given below is a picture of the puzzle along with the answers.

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1) अंगद

2) सुग्रीव

3) बिभीषण

4) लव

5) कुश

6) मारीच

7) राम

8) सीता

9) सुमित्रा

10) हनुमान

11) विश्वामित्र

12) उर्मिला

13) मेघनाद

14) बाली

15) नील

16) नल

17) ताडका

18) लक्ष्मण

19) तारा

20) त्रिजाटा

21) जटायू

22) शत्रुघ्न

23) भरत

24) दशरध

25) कौसल्या

26) अहल्या

27) परशुराम

28) मांडवी

29) वशिष्ठ

30) रावण

31) कैकयी

32) जामवांत

33) मंदोदरी

34) सुषेन

35) गुह

36) मंथरा

37) अहिरावण

38) शबरी

39) केवट

40) जनक

41) सुतीक्ष्ण

42) सुमंत्र

43) शान्ता

44) सुनयना.

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