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'Who Dies If E Pushes The Stone' Puzzle And Answer: Test Your Psychics Knowledge

Here is the "Who dies if E pushes the stone" puzzle and answer. This puzzle is trending on social media and it tests your physics knowledge.

who dies if e pushes the stone

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are staying inside the safety of their homes to quarantine themselves from the virus. However, most people have nothing productive to do during the lockdown. Which is why many are now sharing puzzles and riddles on social media.

These riddles/puzzles help you stay occupied during the pandemic. Moreover, they also provide you with a challenge that forces you to think creatively. You can spend your excess free time solving these puzzles to sharpen your wits. Here is the "Who Dies if E pushes the stone" puzzle that is currently trending on social media and Whatsapp. 

'Who dies if E pushes the stone' puzzle

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who dies if e pushes the stone

Above is the "Who dies if E pushes the stone" puzzle. The above graphic depicts five people, A, B, C, D, and E. E is about to roll down a crescent rock into a death trap. D is stuck inside a hole with only his head sticking out. C is tied beneath a seesaw, however, the plank right above him has spikes on its lower side. B is inside a hole that is right behind the rock on the seesaw. A is on a high ledge behind B. 

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To solve this puzzle, you have to find out who will die when E rolls down the crescent rock. This puzzle is actually easier than it looks. First, you need to pay attention to the square marks on the image and the rock. And second, you need to keep in mind that the rock will roll down normally despite its crescent shape. 

'Who Dies if E Pushes the Stone' Answer

At first glance, most people think that D, C and B will die in this puzzle. However, this puzzle is a test of your basic physics and math skills. If you think about the density of the crescent rock, then you will realize that the only person who dies is D, and possibly C if the rock is heavy enough.

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Keep in mind that the crescent rock does not have the same mass as the rock on the seesaw. Despite both rocks having the same diameter, the crescent rock has a huge missing section. Therefore, when E rolls down the crescent rock, it will not have enough mass to fling the big rock on the other side of the seesaw. The only other person who could possibly die is C, but that is only if the crescent rock is heavy enough to lower the seesaw's plank. 

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