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"I Have Keys But No Locks" Puzzle With Answer And Solution Inside

'I have keys but no locks' puzzle is trending on social media and it tests your creativity. Here are the details about the puzzle.

i have keys but no locks

The whole world is currently fighting the Coronavirus disease. Several countries are in a complete lockdown to stop the spread of the COVID-19. During this time, people have been looking for a mode of entertainment to spend their time. Some people have been acquiring a new skill or doing something they love during this time. People are therefore connected to all their loved ones through social media. They are challenging each other by sending various puzzles on social media. These WhatsApp puzzles have been a source of entertainment for many.

These social media puzzles help you stay occupied during the pandemic. Moreover, these puzzles also force you to think creatively as the answers to these puzzles are tricky. You can spend your excess free time solving these puzzles to sharpen your wits. One puzzle among them that has been trending is known as I have keys but no locks. Take a look at some more information about "I have keys but no locks" puzzle.

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I have keys but no locks puzzle

The puzzle is not only been trending on WhatsApp but it has also been trending on Twitter. People have been guessing the answer to the puzzle. This is one of the easiest social media puzzles. There are also various similar puzzles that have been trending on social media. I have keys but no locks puzzle's question is mentioned in the tweet. If you still have not got the solution to the social media puzzle or if you want to confirm your answer then check the solution to the puzzle below.

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I have keys but no locks answer 

The answer to the social media puzzle is Keyboard. If you read the question carefully, you will notice that the keyboard has keys but no locks. It has space (space bar) but no rooms and you can enter (enter key) but you cannot go outside.

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