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India Foxtrot Riddle And Answer: A Riddle To Test Your Basic Decoding Skills

Here is the "India Foxtrot riddle" and its answer that is currently trending on social media. This riddle will test your creative thinking and decoding skills.

india foxtrot riddle

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a resurgence in puzzles and riddles on social media and Whatsapp. Due to the lockdown, most people are stuck inside their homes with nothing to do during their excess free time. In an effort to apply their mind creatively, several people are now solving riddles and puzzles online. These riddles/puzzles help you stay active and sharpen your wits. Here is the "India Foxtrot" riddle that is currently trending on social media. This is a unique riddle that will test your decoding skills. 

"India Foxtrot" riddle

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The riddle goes as follows, "India foxtrot. Yankee oscar uniform. Charlie alpha November. Uniform November delta echo Romeo sierra tango alpha November delta. Tango hotel India sierra. Charlie oscar Papa Yankee. Alpha November delta. Papa alpha sierra tango echo. Tango oscar. Yankee oscar uniform Romeo. Sierra tango alpha tango uniform sierra." This riddle tests your basic decoding skills and you will have to think out of the box to solve it. Those who are already familiar with code language will solve this riddle immediately. Below is the answer for the "India Foxtrot" riddle. 
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"India Foxtrot" riddle answer

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The answer to the above riddle is, "If you can understand this copy and paste to your status.” To solve this riddle, you need to take the first letter of each word to form a new work. Each full stop represents the end of a word. So, if you take the first letters of "India Foxtrot", you will realize that the sentence is code for "If". Using this decoding technique, you can solve this riddle to get the answer given above. 

This riddle uses the NATO phonetic alphabet code. This is an extremely easy code and is commonly used worldwide. Try solving as many riddles as possible during the lockdown. Doing so will help you improve your creative thinking skills. 

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