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OTTFFSS Riddle | Here Is A Logical Explanation Of The Correct Answer

OTTFFSS Riddle is doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time now. Read more to know the correct OTTFFSS riddle answer and logical explanation

ottffss riddle

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic situation around the world, several countries are in a complete lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. India is also under an extended lockdown. People are staying at their home to avoid the spread of the virus. During this time, several people have taken up to their hobbies like reading, cooking, playing indoor games, etc. During this time a lot of people are spending their time on social media and are solving riddles and puzzles online and sharing them on social media.

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While people are also seen interacting with friends and family via social media, they have also been challenging their friends and loved ones on various puzzles and riddles. These puzzles and riddles are an integral part of entertainment for a lot of people during the lockdown. One of the riddles that are doing the rounds on social media is OTTFFSS riddle or What are the next three letters in this combination of OTTFFSS riddle. Let’s take a look at the OTTFFSS riddle and know What are the next three letters in this combination

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OTTFFSS riddle

The OTTFFSS riddle is going viral over social media. Let’s take a look at OTTFFSS riddle.

OTTFFS _ _ _?

In this riddle, one is supposed to find the answer to one question. The question is ‘What are the next three letters in this combination?’

Think about the riddle before scrolling down to know the OTTFFSS riddle answer and a logical explanation to OTTFFSS riddle answer. The OTTFFSS riddle is a simple one if you think about it.

OTTFFSS riddle answer

The correct OTTFFSS riddle answer is ENT.

OTTFFSS riddle answer and logical explanation

OTTFFSS riddle answer is ENT as the OTTFSS riddle’s each letter represents the first letter of each number starting from one. Therefore,
O - One
T - Two
T - Three
F - Four
F - Five
S - Six
S - Seven
E - Eight
N - Nine
T – Ten

According to this explanation, OTTFFSS riddle answer and answer to What are the next three letters in this combination question is ENT as they represent numbers Eight, Nine and Ten.

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