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Pak Channel Calls Fuel Price Hike 'govt Achievement', Amused Netizens Troll Imran Khan

After the fuel price hike in Pakistan, Pakistani news channel in a bizarre piece of news reporting termed the price hike as Pakistan government's achievement

Fuel Price

As the fuel prices witnessed a surge in Pakistan from June 26, a Pakistani news channel in a bizarre piece of news reporting termed the fuel hike as the Imran Khan-led Pakistan government's achievement. As the news anchor started by saying "all the worries have vanished after the surge in petrol prices because the petrol had disappeared when it was cheaper."

To add to the hyperbole of news reporting, the reporter who followed the news anchor, said that by hiking the petrol price the Pakistan government has controlled the volatile fluctuations in petrol rates. He also went on to compare the fuel hike of Rs 25 with that of Rs 250 hike in flour prices, adding that citizens are happy with the hike in fuel prices.

Pakistan was grappling with inflation and skyrocketing prices of wheat flour sometime in January 2020. As per a Pakistani news report around that time, price of a 20 kg bag of wheat flour had shot up to as high as Pakistani Rs 1,100 as against the conventional price of somewhat near Rs 800.

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Watch the piece here:

This comes after the fuel prices in Pakistan witnessed a steep surge on Friday. Price of petrol in Pakistan rose from Rs 74.52 to Rs 100.10 per litre, an increase of Rs 25.58 per litre. Diesel price shot up from Rs 80.15 to Rs 101.46 per litre, an increase of Rs 21.31 per litre. 

Kerosene which is still prevalent in the remote areas where liquified petroleum gas is not available has been hiked by Rs 23.50, from existing Rs 35.56 to the new price Rs 59.06.

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Netizens have the last word

Netizens have heavily trolled the outlandish form of news reporting and taken it to another level with their creative outburst, while some are expressing their confusion whether it was a "satire", "sarcasm" or a "matter of fact reporting". 


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