Australian Woman Sells 'reusable Non-toilet Paper' Amid Supermarket Sell Out

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Toilet paper has become an unlikely number one stockpiling target for people, however, an Australian introduced a 'washable/reusable non-toilet paper'.

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Amid coronavirus dread, toilet paper has become an unlikely number one stockpiling target for people, however, a Facebook user introduced a 'washable/reusable non-toilet paper'. Eloise Marsh shared her new creation on a Facebook group called 'For the Love of Australian Handmade'. Marsh made the toilet paper from 12 squares of printed material with a terry towelling backing designed to fit around the toilet roll holder. 

In the Facebook post, she wrote, “Introducing washable/reusable non-toilet paper! Just to get you by (you could ration your toilet paper and just use this for number ones, leaving your precious toilet paper for number twos) or you could save a bunch of money on toilet paper by using this all the time! Each square has a plastic press stud at each end making it easy to use and easy to roll back after each wash”. 

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The 'reusable' toilet paper roll is also for sale in the Australian Handmade Textiles for just AUS $25. Marsh's new creation comes as supermarket shelves across Australia are being left empty as people are worried that they may contract the deadly disease. Several people are 'panic buying' and a seller on Sydney's Facebook Marketplace also tried selling a roll for AUS $994. Another seller also listed the price for a pack of 24 AUS $24,000 online and wrote a caption, “Guaranteed not to disappoint”. 

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Authorities warn against bulk buying

Several Australians are stocking up on the essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitiser, bottled water, pasta and rice in case they become infected. The number of coronavirus cases in Australia has also reached 93 and the deadly virus has also claimed three lives in the country. The Australian health officials have reportedly warned against buying in bulk at supermarkets. 

Coles, the Australian supermarket store, also released a statement that promised that the emptied aisles would be restocked as quickly as possible. The supermarket store has reportedly even increased the number of deliveries to store this week the improve the availability of popular products, including long-life pantry staples and health care items. According to international media reports, the statement further read that the store is also continuing to work with its suppliers to maintain availability for customers.

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