Biryani, Butter Chicken Top List Of Most Searched Indian Food Globally

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According to the study, Indian dish biryani has an average of 4.56 lakh searches online every month, and that includes people from across the globe.

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The global list of SEMrush for the most searched food has indexed cuisines from across the globe, and the first in the ranking is none other than the Indian dish, Chicken Biryani. According to the study, biryani has an average of 4.56 lakh searches online every month, and that includes people from across the globe.

The result shows that despite multiple options available to choose from the menu globally, that roughly constitutes millions of food items to relish, biryani is people’s favourite. Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications, SEMrush told the media that he isn’t very surprised by the results because the Indian diaspora living overseas has carried its culinary preferences everywhere it has settled. He said that a significant number of those living overseas are Punjabi and it's unremarkable that the food most associated with their culture is the most searched online.

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He added that the study presented enterprising chefs that were living overseas plus in India with an opportunity and an idea of business because it reveals the size of the market for a run of the mill and more exotic Indian foods popular worldwide.

Restaurateurs who were willing to break the mold

He emphasized that the restaurateurs who were willing to break the mold had an idea of the size of the market they can expect to cater to, and it puts the global food scenario in perspective. According to the reports, the study not only focused on the popularity of an Indian dish abroad but also revealed the significant number of people that equated with the Indian food, particularly Punjabi food.

Besides Biryani, some other popular Indian dishes famous worldwide like the butter chicken, samosa, chicken, tikka masala, dosa, tandoori chicken, palak paneer, naan and dal makhani were also listed among the most searched food list for 4 lakh times in average.

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