Boa Constrictor Coils Itself Around Wild Cat In Argentina, Watch Video

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A scary video has surfaced on the internet which shows a wild cat struggling to free itself from the grip of a boa-constrictor in Las Lajitas, Argentina.

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Boa constrictor

A scary video has surfaced on the internet which shows a wild cat struggling to free itself from the grip of a boa-constrictor. The incident reportedly took place in Las Lajitas, Salta in north-west Argentina. Through the video, it can be seen the snake wrapped around jaguarundi, a small wild feline in the middle of  the road. The cat can be seen struggling hard to free itself from the snake's grip. 

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The video was reportedly shared by forest ranger Sole Rojas. Rojas told the media how locals rescued the cat's life by uncoiling the snake. Rojas added that two other people also helped in the rescue. He added that the two people managed to uncoil the non-venomous boa and release the animal. The locals were reportedly successful in freeing the wild cat from the snake's coils. The 50-second video has managed to garner 676 views. 

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Python constricts leopard

In another similar incident, visitors of Africa’s Masai Mara National Park saw a terrifying battle of survival between a python and a leopard. The battle initially began with the two, eyeing an impala, a medium-sized antelope found in the area. However, the big cat was taken by surprise as the python decided to leap at him instead. The leopard was initially caught off-guard. However, it managed to free itself and escape from the clutches of the python by leaping wildly into the air. 

The entire incident was recorded by photographer Mike Welton, 28, who happened to be on the scene. He managed to capture the drama as it unfolded. The battle for survival lasted for 15 minutes as onlookers stood there, their eyes glued to the scene unfolding before them. It was no less than a deathmatch.  Mike added how they all took a moment thinking about how terrible it would be to watch a beautiful creature like the leopard get killed like this. He said that python constriction was horrible. He further said that it was 'sickening' to imagine the poor leopard dying that way. 

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