Boy Wearing Snake T-shirt Forced To Change Before Boarding The Flight

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A ten-year-old boy, Stevie Lucas from New Zealand was forced to change his T-shirt with a picture of snake on it before boarding the flight, as per his family.

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A ten-year-old boy, Stevie Lucas was forced to change his T-shirt with a picture of snake on it before boarding the flight, according to his family. The boy jetted off from Wellington, New Zealand, to Johannesburg in South Africa to visit his grandparents where the incident took place. When he was about to board the flight at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg, he was not allowed to board the flight as he was wearing an anxiety-inducing black t-shirt that had a large green snake printed on it.

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Authorities deny boarding 

The flight authorities said that it was not permissible clothing to be worn on board on a flight. His parents said that the security officials at Johannesburg airport alerted them to rules about clothing in an aircraft. It is considered that the snake t-shirt could cause anxiety to other passengers travelling on the flight. The mother of the boy reportedly asked her son to wear the t-shirt inside out in order to be able to fly. According to the reports, the airport security CCTV footage shows the little boy taking off his t-shirt and wearing it inside out. 

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Python jets off a plane

Meanwhile, in a bizarre incident, a python managed to jet off on an airplane from Australia to New Zealand. The snake fell onto the runway as the flight landed around 3pm on December 15. The reptile crawled away unnoticed by the ground staffers and was identified when the pilot of the next flight reported a foreign object on the runway. New Zealand's biosecurity spokesperson said that the snake was believed to place itself in the aircraft's undercarriage. The biosecurity officers alerted about the python which was later recovered by the officials on the runway.  It was alive when it was recovered by the officials. 

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