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Coronavirus: Paris Bans Outdoor Exercise During Daytime To Curb The Spread

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Paris has decided to introduce even stricter measures in order to curb the spread of coronavirus and banned jogging.

Coronavirus: Paris bans jogging and outdoor exercise during the day

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Paris has decided to introduce even stricter measures in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. According to reports, April 8 onwards people will not be allowed to leave their homes, even for the purpose of physical exercise between 10am and 7pm.

As per reports, the announcement was made in a joint press report, which was released on April 7. According to the press statement, anyone wanting to go out for individual exercise would have to go before 10 am or after 7 pm. Paris’s deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire then clarified that the ban would only apply to joggers and people going for a run, it would not apply to dog walkers or [people taking an evening stroll with family members.

According to reports, exercise is one of the accepted reasons for leaving one’s home during the lockdown but people are only permitted to exercise outside once a day and only for an hour, they are also not allowed to go more than 1 kilometre from their house. Cycling for exercise is banned altogether but cycling to work or the supermarket is still allowed.

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Thousands of people fined in France

France has implemented strict measures such as mandatory lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19. According to reports, since the beginning of the lockdown, France has fined more than 350,000 people for breaking the rules of the lockdown. According to the lockdown implemented in France, people can only go outside if deemed essential.

As per reports, those who flout the lockdown rules can receive a fine of €135, that fine can also be increased to €200 if individuals are caught a second time breaking the lockdown rules. France has effectively been under strict lockdown since March 17 in an effort to combat the deadly coronavirus. The lockdown in France was initially planned for only 2 weeks but has been extended till April 15.

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