Dubai Police Could Add Tesla's New Cybertruck To Their Fleet In 2020

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Dubai Police hinted towards using Tesla's new Cybertruck to patrol around the city's streets when it finally comes out in 2021 by posting its modified image.

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
Dubai Police

Dubai Police has hinted towards using Tesla's new Cybertruck to patrol around the city's streets when it finally comes out in 2021. The police authorities posted a picture on their official Twitter account of Cybertruck adorned with Dubai Police livery. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk stated that after the launch of 'shatterproof' car, the company has received 2,00,000 orders for the car and now few among them could be by Dubai Police administration. Tesla received thousands of orders even though there was a disappointment during the launch in Los Angeles. 

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According to reports, a potential buyer will have to shell out $100 as a fee for placing a preorder but the fee will be refundable as per the terms set in the Cybertruck Motor Vehicle Pre-Order Agreement. Potential buyers will be asked to complete the configuration of the variant they choose to buy after their option reaches the production stage and then the customers will be handed over a configuration and final price sheet of the model with their selected options.

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Botched up Launch event

Tesla had unveiled its first electric Cybertruck, its 6th electric vehicle since it was founded in 2003, at its launch event in Los Angeles on November 21 with a price tag of $39,900 for the base model but things did not pan out well for co-founder Elon Musk. He called Tesla's head designer Franz von Holzhausen onto the stage to throw a big metal ball at the side window in order to showcase the strength of the vehicle's armoured glass windows but the stunt left the windows cracked.

Musk was apparently surprised by what had happened and said that the throw was maybe a little bit hard. According to reports, he told the audience that the windows had not cracked in tests that were previously conducted. Musk added that in the previous tests, they had literally thrown everything at the window and also said that they had even thrown a kitchen sink and the armoured glass did not break.

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