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Giraffe Does Not 'give Up' Despite Being Attacked By Lions, Netizens Inspired

Displaying immense valour and perseverance, the Giraffe stands firm in the grasslands enduring the physical assault eventually intimidating its attackers.


A video of a giraffe “not giving up” despite being attacked by a pride of lions has inspired the internet. In the clip that emerged online, displaying immense courage, valour, and perseverance, the animal stands firm in the grasslands enduring the physical assault against it conveying a daunting message to its attacker that it is "fearless". Eventually, this intimidates the lions who flee the scene while the giraffe proudly heads for his own path. 

The 1 minute 30-second clip was shared by the Naveed Trumboo of the Indian Revenue Service on his official Twitter handle that has amassed over 20k views and nearly 900 likes. The internet has lauded giraffe’s spirit and said that the brave animal is an epitome of bravery and humans must learn the spirit of not giving up from the giraffe who kept holding his ground despite an attack by half a dozen ferocious lions. The uploader wrote in the caption that the video is a lesson on persistence and one has to learn to keep the faith and hold still when times get tough. He added, the giraffe stood for at least 5 hours facing the crisis situation. 

Standing firm in tough situations

“Cool, calm, determination and patience can win in any situation,” wrote a user. “You cannot defeat a person who never gives up, the giraffe in this case,” wrote another.” Very inspiring,” wrote the third. The video is being shared widely by many to inspire people to not surrender in tough times, and as many as 258 have shared the clip already. 

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