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Netherlands: School Installs Plastic Shields, Disinfectants To Protect Kids From COVID-19

As Netherlands is set to relax lockdown measures, a Dutch school is installing plastic shields around student’s desk in a bid to protect children from COVID-19.


As Netherlands is set to relax COVID-19 lockdown measures and elementary schools are allowed to reopen on May 11, the Springplank school in the Dutch city of Den Bosch is reportedly installing plastic shields around student’s desk in a bid to protect children from the possible contraction of the deadly virus. While speaking to an international media outlet, Rascha van der Sluijs, the school’s technical coordinator informed that the teachers are also installing disinfectant gel dispensers at the doorways as part of preparations. 

Rascha reportedly said that the school teachers are not worried as they are well prepared for the reopening of the school. The school has flexible screens that they bought to protect the teachers all well as the students. The schools in the Netherlands have been shut since March 14, however, a handful of students whose parents work in essential sectors have been attending classes, while others have been taking online classes. 

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According to an international media report, while the government has announced to ease the lockdown restriction, each district is setting its own policies for reopening. While some districts are planning to accept students only on alternate days, others are making mandatory for the teachers to wear medical masks. The Netherlands authorities have also only allowed elementary school students to reopen. The high schools are not due to open until June. 

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Dutch govt eases lockdown restrictions

Meanwhile, the country has more than 42,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and the deadly virus has claimed almost 5,359 lives in the country. Earlier this month, the Dutch government announced plans to slowly reopen the Netherlands as the sultry has been recording low numbers of daily cases. The ease in restrictions will reportedly begin with the opening of some close contact professions and moving forward the restrictions will be lifted throughout the summer.

However, the government also announced that fitness centres, saunas, sports club canteens, and casinos will be allowed to operate again from September 1 onwards and even contact sports and indoor sports can resume without audiences from September 1 onwards. The Dutch government aims to achieve normalcy and hopes to begin allowing events with large crowds such as festivals, concerts, and professional football matches from September 1 onwards, but those will depend on the success of the reopening and will thus be decided on a later date.

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