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North Korea's Kim Jong Un Promises 25,000 New Homes In Typhoon-hit Areas: Report

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promised to build at least 25,000 houses in the typhoon-hit areas of South Hamgyong Province over the next five years.

North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly promised to build at least 25,000 houses in the typhoon-hit areas over the next five years. According to state-run KCNA, North’s ruling party Supreme Leader inspected the rehabilitation site in South Hamgyong Province and was satisfied over the “effective” fieldwork conducted across the site.

Kim also reportedly expressed regret that people have been living in dwellings which are more than 50-years old, acknowledging that the government couldn’t build new houses for them. Kim’s visit comes after the celebration of 75th founding anniversary of Worker’s Party of Korea where he appeared to shed tears for failing to protect people from the impact of coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters.

“He was so unhappy to see the single-storied houses squeezed in a haphazard way at the foot of a mountain slope on his way to the reconstruction site,” KCNA said.

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80-day campaign

Recently, Kim called on the country to start an 80-day campaign to attain the goal in every sector before the ruling party holds a congress in January to set a new five-year plan for the economic development of the country, reported KCNA. North Korea faced multifold setback of severe flooding and storm amid an already struggling economy due to coronavirus pandemic and sanctions. 

In August, the party had decided to convene the congress to set forth a new line of “struggle and strategic and tactical policies” after reviewing the past progress. Kim reportedly assessed achievements and shortcomings that have been seen in the Party and the state affairs for the past four years the 7th Congress. 

Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee had suggested convening the 8th Congress to analyse and review the shortcomings in the implementation of the decisions made at the 7th Congress in a “comprehensive, three-dimensional and anatomical way”. KCNA reported that the congress will discuss and decide on the strategic tasks for the Party and the government in the “new phase of struggle in the crucial period of our revolution.”

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