Police Detain Puppy And His Owner For Shoplifting In Florida

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Police arrested a man along with his puppy for shoplifting from a store, who was also charged for possession of meth. The puppy was given in the animal service.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

A puppy was taken into custody along with his owner in Florida for petite theft Wednesday, confirmed the police authorities to the reporters. Logan Wilson was arrested for shoplifting from a store and was reportedly charged for possession of meth and theft by the police. According to the reports, the man committed the crime while he had the puppy in his possession, and therefore, the duo was detained at the signal when the man tried to run.

Wilson's four-legged friend was also taken into custody

Wilson admitted to stealing $259 worth of items from Bass Pro Shops, deputies told the media. He was arrested during a traffic stop after he was seen leaving the store, they further explained. Wilson's four-legged friend was also taken into custody.

Sheriff's office posted the picture of the pup on Facebook showing an officer holding the dog. The post said that the deputies took care of the “cutest accomplice” before handing him over to Hillsborough County Animal Services.

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Deputies informed the reporters that the Animal services will look after the dog until the owner is released from the prison, the puppy is listed with the services as pre-adopted. They said that if in a situation that the owner refuses to take the pup back in, the dog will go up for the adoption.

Users urge the deputies to find the pup a better home

Facebook users have poured in the suggestions on the comment section asking the sheriff not to hand the puppy back to the owner and find him a better home instead. “Don’t give him back to the owner. Let the shelter adopt him out to a family that actually cares and can obviously take care of him (since he was shoplifting to begin with). Do the right thing”, recommended one user.

“Please don’t give that sweet puppy back to a criminal. Let animal control put it up for adoption”, appealed another user. An individual shared his dog’s experience saying, “This is how we ended up with our family pet who was a Rottweiler found chained under the sink in a drug bust. CoCo was trained as a therapy dog and visited retirement homes”.

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