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'Phantom': Rare Black Leopard Spotted In South Africa, Watch Video

The rare sighting of a black leopard was recently recorded on video in South Africa. As per reports, the footage was captured by the member of the public.

Rare Black Leopard videotaped in South Africa by member of public

The black leopard also called black panther was recently recorded on video in South Africa. As per reports, the footage was captured by the member of the public while he was going to work. He later shared it with Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation that uploaded the video on their Facebook page.

A 'phantom'

The foundation that shared the video on its Facebook page also described how elusive the species can be. The Facebook post claimed that tales of black leopard are what urban legends and folklore get built around. The post further described the black leopard as a 'phantom', an illusion and a shadow so rare that most people do not believe in its existence.

According to the post, there have been less than 35 sightings of wild black leopards in the past half-century. The post also added that clear pictures and video evidence was almost non-existent.  According to the foundation, the video of the panther was taken on February 24 at 7am by a member of the public.

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The black leopard that is also sometimes referred to as a black panther derives its dark coat from melanism, which is the opposite of albinism. Melanism causes excess dark pigmentation. The Facebook post by the foundation further added that if the leopard was seen again then the foundation would like to collar it or relocate it to a less populated area.

The video was originally posted on Facebook on March 3. The foundation said that they had not spotted the black leopard since their initial sighting and that it was a good sign. Even after a week of monitoring the area with camera traps, the foundation hopes that the black leopard has moved deeper into the jungle or a less populated area in the wild. 

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