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Taiwan Calls On China To Start Meaningful Dialogue On Cross-strait Stability

Taiwanese President Tsai-Ing wen on October 10 called on her Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to "deescalate tensions" and start "meaningful dialogue".


Taiwanese President Tsai-Ing wen on October 10 called on her Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to "deescalate tensions" and start "meaningful dialogue". According to South China Morning Post, Tsai Ing-wen, in her address on Taiwan's national day, said that the key issue right now is to discuss cross-strait relations and steps to ensure both countries can live in peace & co-exist based on mutual respect and understanding.

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Tsai-Ing wen, however, said that Taiwan cannot uphold the stability in the region alone, adding that it is a joint responsibility and something both countries will have to work on together. Tsai-Ing-wen also mentioned the expanding hegemony of China and urged Beijing to stick to what they said at the global stage of the United Nations. Tsai particularly highlighted Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the UN General Assembly, where he said that the mainland will never seek hegemony.

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Experts believe that Tsai's call for a meaningful dialogue between both the nations will have a minuscule effect on Beijing's position, which views Taiwan as its own territory. Taiwan is not recognised by the United Nations but that doesn't stop it from maintaining relations with other countries, which is one of the primary concerns for Beijing. Tsai's address comes nearly a month after the People Liberation Army (PLA) crossed across the median line and entered Taiwan's air defence identification zone (ADIZ). The Chinese Army on September 18 and 19 sent 37 fighter jets, including H-K bombers across the median line of the Taiwan Strait as a top United States diplomat visiting the self-governed island. 

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Chinese incursions

Taiwan defence minister Yen Te-fa on October 7 revealed that China has made 1,710 air incursions and 1,029 maritime incursions across the median line in 2020. According to South China Morning Post, Yen Te-fa on Wednesday informed Taiwan's legislature that the country has spent 8 percent of the total military budget of 2020 in responding to the incursions by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) along the Formosa Strait. 

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