Twitch Streamers Make Money By Letting Their Fans Watch Them Sleep

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Twitch Streamers are making money by just sleeping on their streams and their fans are donating them small quantities of money to see them doze off.

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Twitch Streamers are making money by just sleeping on their streams

The latest viral trend to grip the live streaming service Twitch seems to be sleeping. As per reports, Streamers are making a lot of money just by letting their fans watch them sleep. Over the last two weeks, streamers on Amazon’s live streaming service have been pointing their cameras at their mattresses just before they sleep to make a lot of money.

'Slumber Parties'

While their favourite streamers are asleep, viewers use Twitch's donation function to gift the streamers small quantities of money, ranging from $2-$5. As per reports, they are referred to by some streamers as 'slumber parties'. Sleep streams as they are commonly referred to draw most crowds from Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) or Japanese cuddle cafes where patrons can pay hourly fees in order to feel intimacy from someone they have never met.

As per reports, the talking category, as opposed to the gaming category, has gained a lot of popularity. One of the lasting appeals of the streaming service is its interactive element, which brings fans closer than ever - at least, digitally to their favourite streamers.

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Career in gaming

A teenager from the United States has been making over $2,00,000 a year just by playing and live streaming a video game, Fortnite Battle Royale, on streaming platforms and gaming partnerships. Alex Bernabe, who is only 19, is a resident of Philadelphia and goes by the name 'Destroyer' as his in-game persona.

According to reports, Alex and his dad have transformed his dad's garage into a hi-tech gaming centre that has seven gaming monitors. Alex has claimed that he averages about 10 hours a day of game time and his longest stream has been 37 hours. In regards to his 37-hour stream, Alex has said that he eats on camera and take bathroom breaks whenever necessary.

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