Broadcast1 Presents Twitched: Understanding The Power Of Technology To Win The Race


Broadcast1 media talks about NTT Data and Salesforce, the two global tech innovators that have changing the consumer experience for the better.

Written By Debolina Datta | Mumbai | Updated On:

Technology has been helping us shape our future. It is one of the most touted entities today, as it enables revolution in every sector. Technology has brought to fore new cures to pre-existing ailments, bringing the entire world together on one platform. It has also aided big businesses reach where they are today. Today, the winner is the one who develops or adapts to the ever-evolving technology. Almost all the top companies, in the recent times, are either technology leaders or adapters as technology enables their thirst for perfection and precision to reach the top of the pyramid. Technology companies in India have driven growth, created jobs, and increased access to resources, education and healthcare. The sector of technology is currently facing a paradigm shift in the way services are delivered, thereby driving the tech providers to re-think their talent models. Broadcast1 Media celebrates two technology leaders as they revolutionize and bring about a change in the consumer experience.  

NTT Data: Making lives simpler 

NTT DATA is a company focused on innovation and change. The organization emphasizes on long-term commitment by combining global reach and local intimacy. It aspires to provide premier professional services in consulting and offer system development solutions to business IT outsourcing. At NTT Data, one believes that technology heightens expectations, from not just the consumers but also  employees. It provides a chance to new and innovative experiences every day. There is a need for new technology to deliver excellence and improve client productivity. Its deep expertise in healthcare, financial services, and many more private and public sectors have helped shaping up major world leaders. However, the organization’s deep-rooted belief in adding to the community continues to be at the heart of all its endeavors.  

Salesforce: Changing consumer experiences everyday 

With an employee count of 36000 on a global scale, Salesforce, today is one of the tech-leaders who believe that technology can make people’s life better. Started in 1999, by Marc Benioff, Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. As the world experiences the 4th industrial revolution with the emergence of analytics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Salesforce works towards making a relationship tool that makes consumer relationships better.  

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