Video Of A Squirrel Struggling To Climb A Greased Pole Divides The Internet

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Video shows a squirrel that is struggling to climb atop a pole in order to eat from the birdfeeder, however, the rodent slips down because the pole is greased.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

A video of a desperate squirrel struggling to climb a pole in order to eat bird food has prompted a debate on social media. The viral clip has split the Internet, aggravating some users who said the act was a cruel one, while others ruptured jokes around it.

The clip which was viewed over 3 million times features a hungry squirrel trying consistently to climb a pole leading to a bird feeder in order to nibble on some food. However, each time it fails as the pole has been greased to prevent the rodent from stealing the food kept for the birds. The squirrel repeatedly slips down the pole and resumes the climb instantly in order to get to the birds’ food reserve.

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The Internet has mixed reactions

The 22-second clip was tweeted by user @TheCutePlug explained in the caption that a woman was perhaps fed up with the squirrels eating the birds' food, so, therefore, she greased the feeder to keep them away. The netizens, however, were not impressed by the trick and slammed the person who was behind the unkind act.

A few users cracked jokes around the situation by sharing funny squirrel memes and calling the squirrel in the video a Dallas pole dance performer. Some said that the squirrel had to eventually accept the defeat and not be stubborn about it. Some users shared videos about how they managed to keep away the squirrels from the bird feeder, basically, those residents in the video were kind people that fed the rodent instead of being unsympathetic.

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