Woman Gets Bored Of Waiting For 'Mr Right' - So She Marries Herself

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A 40-year-old fitness instructor from Italy got tired of waiting for 'the one' and decided to marry herself. After the ceremony, she went for her honeymoon

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

A 40-year-old fitness instructor, Mesi from Italy got tired of waiting for 'the one' and decided to marry herself. Mesi while talking to local media said that after 20 years of searching she decided to just give up and take herself down the aisle. She had apparently made a pact with herself that if she did not find anyone by 40 she would just marry herself.

A promise to marry herself

The wedding where Mesi married herself was far from low-key. The bride spent over 8,700 pounds of her own money to arrange a traditional gown, a ring and even a single-tiered cake that was topped with the lone figure of herself. Almost 70 guests turned up to celebrate the big day and there was a lot of dancing and celebrations to mark the occasion. After the beautiful ceremony, Mesi flew to Egypt for her honeymoon.

While Mesi says that she is happy with the ceremony, however, in the future if she ends up meeting 'Mr Right' she will be more than happy to divorce herself in order to marry him.

'Solo-gamy' or self-marriage is a trend that has been steadily growing among singles in Australia, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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Harry Potter star Emma Watson was in the spotlight a month ago for terming herself 'self-partnered'. Watson told the international media that women have long faced the pressure to look for a partner and start a family, while older single women are more likely to be seen as an 'object of pity'. On the other hand, men tend to be perceived as free, enjoying a bachelor's life. She said that if a woman who is turning 30 has not built a home, unmarried, without a baby, and does not have a secure and stable career or is figuring things out, "there's just this incredible amount of anxiety". She further added that she eventually realised that the pressure she was facing was just an 'influx of subliminal messaging'. 

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