Australia: Woman Shares Photo Of Dad Catching '5-minute Sleep' In Between Fighting Fires

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Image of a firefighter in Australia taking a five-minute break on his front lawn after fighting the bushfires for 12+ hours highlights scale of devastation.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

An image of a voluntary firefighter taking a five-minute break on his front lawn after fighting the bushfires highlighted the devastating effects that the bushfires are having on Australia's population. The photo was taken by the daughter of the firefighter shown taking a 'Five Minutes break'.

Devastating Australian fires

Jenna O'Keeffe's dad took the picture of her dad asleep in the front garden of their family home. In the post she uploaded she explains that her father had just spent a total of 10 days in 12-hour shifts fighting the Australian bushfires alongside hundreds of other volunteer firefighters like himself.

She added that her family had been fighting the fires at their family farm for a month non-stop and that all of them were exhausted and resources were getting dangerously low. Jenna said that she heard her dad cry while telling her that he had never seen a bushfire like this with no end in sight. Australia still has over 50 days of summer left.

The deadly Australian bushfires have already devasted vast tracts of land and killed 20 people. Hundreds of animals have also lost their lives in the blaze. Jenna made an earnest appeal to the people reading her post to not become numb to the plight of her fellow Australians. The bushfires ravaging Australia are the worst the continent has ever seen and emergency services have quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the fire.

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