Woman Shares Photo Of Her Cat Hiding From Vet, Netizens Amused

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Woman shares a photo of a cat sticking his head away to hide while his entire body still clearly visible, internet could relate with the behaviour of the cat.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

A cat named James has caught the attention of the pet owners online for a habit that they could relate with their own pet feline, pulling a disappearing act. Ashley Perez, a writer by profession, has started a hilarious discussion by sharing a funny picture of her pet cat James on social media in which the cat can be seen hiding in a funny posture because it did not want to go to the Vet.

Cat's entire body is still clearly visible as it attempts to hide

The feline can be seen sticking his head away in an ostrich-like manner, his entire body still clearly visible in an attempt to go invisible to his owner. The disappearing act, that the internet could well relate with the behaviour of their own pets, has become a sensation topic of discussion among the users. The users have started sharing funny images of their pet cats impersonating James.

The online community unveiled the funny photographs in which the cats can be seen sporting their superior hiding abilities. “I was so proud of my big guy last time we went. He was scared, but his sweet nature compelled him to give the vet a head boop, which was really sweet”, wrote a user on Facebook. Another user shared a picture of his cat and told the audience that he always had to find his cat first in order to take him to the vet.

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"My kitten was so chill at the vets that they actually asked him back to record a commercial “, said another user in a hilarious response. A user said, “My Cat meows so loud on the way to the vet it sounds like an ambulance”, the internet responded with a laugh emoji on the user's response.

An individual told the audience that his cat, Moose, was presumably different from the rest of the cat crowd because whenever he goes to the vet, “he’s all happy meows and purrs. The vet has to wait for him to calm down so she could hear his heartbeat”

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