Woman Falls Asleep While Trying Out Mattress At Store, Police Says 'best Endorsement Ever'

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An unidentified woman from Missouri, United States was shopping for mattress when she reportedly ended up sleeping on a store's display mattress overnight.

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A woman from Missouri, US was shopping for mattress when she reportedly ended up sleeping on a store's display mattress overnight. According to international media reports, the incident took place in St Louis Post-Dispatch store in Richmond Heights last week. The employee of the store arrived at work in the morning when he found the woman sleeping on a display mattress before the store even opened for customers. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, the employee said that he informed the police immediately. When the police arrived the woman told them that she was trying out a display mattress the evening before, however, she didn't realise how and when she fell asleep inside the store. The Richmond Heights Police Department further took to Facebook in which they called it the “best mattress endorsement” they've ever heard of. According to reports, the store did not charge the woman for trespassing and she was also escorted out of the store by the cops. 

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The post read, “Employees at a local store contacted officers after arriving to work one morning to find a subject sleeping in a display bed. The subject claimed they had been trying out mattresses the night before when they fell asleep and slept the entire night. That's honestly the best mattress endorsement we've ever heard”. 


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Passenger found sleeping under flight seat

While a woman was found sleeping inside the store, in another bizarre case a passenger was caught sleeping under the seats on a plane as if he was hiding under the bed. A photo shared on the internet left the netizens amazed. At first glance, the photograph looks like an ordinary one of two empty aisle seats on an aircraft. It's only when someone takes a closer look, would they realize that there’s a person who's somehow managed to crawl underneath and sleep under the seats across three rows.

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