£41 Million Jackpot Won In UK Remains Unclaimed With First Deadline Approaching

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A £41m jackpot remains unclaimed as the UK lottery ticket buyer is unknown. Euromillions has advised winner to claim prize money in writing if ticket is lost.

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£41m jackpot

As the first week-long deadline approaches, Euromillions players in Dorset, United Kingdom are being urged to double-check their lucky numbers as a whopping £41m jackpot won in the county remains unclaimed. With this, it will be the seventh time someone has won the continent-wide lottery worth £40,957,696.60 in 2019. As per reports, the winning ticket-holder matched all five main numbers and the two lucky stars in the draw in December. The winning numbers were - 18, 31, 32, 38 and 48, with lucky stars 04 and 12. In case a winner loses or destroys a lottery ticket, they have just one week left – until January 2 – to submit a claim in writing.

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If ticket is misplaced, one can claim the prize in writing

Once claimed it will be validated by operator Camelot and would decide if it will pay out within 180 days of the draw date. Besides the week-long deadline, there is also a second deadline for anyone with the winning ticket still in their possession. The last date to make the claim is midnight on 31 May. Andy Carter, senior winners adviser with Camelot told the media that in order to claim the prize it is important that any player who is not in possession of their ticket for whatever reason but who thinks they have a genuine claim to the prize should notify them in writing by 5 pm on January at the latest. Andy said that the company is doing everything they can to reunite the ticket-holder with this amazing £40 million win. The adviser guessed that as it was a festive period it was possible for someone to lose the ticket somehow. Once claimed, it will truly be a pleasant surprise for the winner, he added. 

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If no one claims the lottery till the final deadline, the prize money, plus all the interest it has generated, will go to help National Lottery-funded projects across the UK.

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UK woman won £500k twice within 10 days

In yet another huge lottery win, a woman from the UK has reportedly won £500,000 in less than two weeks. A mother of four, the woman was struggling to make her ends meet even while being on Universal Credit when she unexpectedly became a millionaire after two wins on an online bingo site. With all that money the winner, Anita Campbell has now perfectly managed to help out her family. As per reports, she's bought a new house for her elderly dad and has also helped her daughter out by paying for her to have IVF so she can have a family of her own. She had a lot of debts accrued after paying for her mother's funeral, which she managed to clear with the money she won. With the remaining money, Anita has also taken her family on shopping trips and even managed to fork out for a Lego set for her five-year-old grandson.

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