Pet Dog Sets Owner's House On Fire After It Accidentally Turned On Microwave

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A pet dog in the United Kingdom had a destructive day alone at his owner's home when he set the house ablaze after turning on the microwave

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A pet dog in the United Kingdom had a destructive day alone at his owner's home when he set the house ablaze after turning somehow managing to turn on the microwave. The incident occurred on Monday when a pet husky accidentally turned on the microwave which resulted in a small fire in the house. The strange accident took place in the Essex county of England. 

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The fire was caused due to a bread roll in the microwave which was set ablaze after the dog accidentally switched on the appliance. The owner of the house was alerted, thanks to an app on his phone which provides a live feed from his home. The fire was brought under control after Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (EFRS) reached the spot.  

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When the firefighters reached the spot, they found smoke in the kitchen and made sure the fire didn't spread to the rest of the house. Geoff Wheal, watch manager at Corringham fire station called the incident strange and said that he had never seen anything like that before. 

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Some other strange incidents

In November 2019, a dog destroyed its owner's house after accidentally locking itself inside a bathroom. Bailey, the dog is a Great Dane, known for its massive size and when it was accidentally locked inside a bathroom, destruction was bound to happen. When the owner arrived she couldn't believe the amount of destruction that had taken place in her absence. 

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In another incident, a dog named Crowley destroyed his owner's freshly poured concrete at the driveway when he decided that he wants to go out and play. Crowley's owner from Washington was getting his driveway redone when the dog decided to go out and play. After destroying the newly done driveway Crowley came back wagging his tail covered in wet concrete. 

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