Riding Cycle On The Pavement Is Boris Johnson's 'naughtiest Thing'

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The PM of Britain Boris Johnson has revealed that the 'naughtiest deed' he is prepared to admit is riding his cycle on the pavement during an interview.

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cycle on the pavement

The Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson has revealed that the 'naughtiest deed' he is prepared to admit is riding his cycle on the pavement. During an interview with international media, Johnson was yet again asked the question about 'naughtiest thing he has ever done' which was first asked to the former UK Prime Minister Theresa May who had replied that it was 'dancing through Wheatfields' in her youth. However, the UK PM admitted that he might have 'disobeyed the law' by riding his bike on the pavement. He further goes on to say that he 'firmly and strongly' disapprove of people who cycle on the pavements. 

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When Johnson was again asked if that is 'all' he had done, the British leader confessed that it was the 'naughtiest thing' he has ever done and now is publically willing to admit it. With the snap general elections around the corner, Johnson's Conservative party along with its main opposition, the Labour have ramped up their campaigns and hope to win. While on one hand, Johnson believes that he will 'Get Brexit done', Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn has asked for additional time of six months to negotiate a 'better deal' for Britain's divorce from the 27-nation bloc. The general elections on December 12 were initially called by Johnson in order to end the parliamentary deadlock regarding Brexit. 

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UK General Elections: Opinion polls

Johnson is already seen leading in the opinion polls. However, some of the surveys also reveal that Johnson's win the elections which were called to end the parliamentary deadlock could be too close to call. Reportedly four opinion polls were published on December 7, just five days before the 'big day' reveal that Johson's Conservative Party overtakes the biggest opposition which is Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party between eight and 15 points. 

However, at the lowest end of the range disclosed in opinion polls, Johnson can not apparently count on winning the parliamentary majority to fulfil his referendum on Britain's divorce from the 27-nation bloc by January 31. Sanvanta ComRes, a UK polling firm reportedly said that Conservative Party's lead had shrunk down to eight from ten which was earlier this week on December 4. According to the head of politics, Chris Hopkins, the final days of the party campaigns could be 'crucial' and 'the margins are incredibly tight'. With just a drop or rise of few points, Hopkins reportedly also said that Johnson's lead over the Labour Praty leader, Jeremy Corbyn could change and make a difference between a deadlock in the parliament versus a sizeable Conservative majority.

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