UK: 23-year-old Labour MP Elected Last Week Has Become An Instant Icon

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Nadia Whittome, a 23-year-old Labour MP from Nottingham East has promised to donate more than half her salary to charity and the reason will surprise you.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

In the United Kingdom, the recent election results may have brought some really negative vibe into the Labour camp, but a young MP from the party is grabbing headlines for all the right reasons. Nadia Whittome, a 23-year-old Labour MP from Nottingham East has promised to donate more than half her salary to charity and the reason behind this will win your hearts. The youngest MP in the UK Parliament decided to give away a huge chunk of her salary because she only wants to earn what a regular factory worker in Britain earns.

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Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom earn almost £80,000 a year, but Nadia has decided to donate about £45,000 to a charity until workers in her country get a pay hike they deserve. While talking to the media, Nadia said that she is not doing a philanthropy work and it's not that the MPs in the UK don't deserve that salary, but it's the fact that the firefighters, teachers and nurses do as well.  

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Recently concluded UK election

Voters in the United Kingdom handed the Jeremy Corbyn-led  Labour Party their worst defeat since 1935. Controversial conservative leader Boris Johnson won by a huge majority of 365 seats, which is a rise of 48 seats the party won in the last election. In 2017, when the Conservative party formed a minority government under the leadership of then, Prime Minister Theresa May, they failed to deliver Brexit. When Theresa May resigned from her post in 2019, Boris Johnson took over as Prime Minister, but he couldn't get the parliament to approve a revised withdrawal bill. Johnson then called for a snap election and won by a sweeping majority. 

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The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union by January 31, 2020, and Johnson will have a year more to finalise a trade agreement with the EU, the United States, India and China. The United Kingdom joined the European Union in 1973, at the time it was known as the European Economic Committee (EEC). In 1975, a referendum was held in the UK to decide on whether to leave the EU or stay. The UK voted in favour of staying with the EU and back then it was the left-wing Labour party who were in favour of leaving the EU. By the early 1990s, Conservative party grew more Eurosceptic in nature and the left moved towards being more Europeanist.  

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