UK: Boris Johnson To Present Brexit Bill To New MPs This Week

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British PM Boris Johnson has planned to present the Brexit Bill or the Withdrawl Agreement Bill in front of the new members of the parliament on December 20.

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The re-elected Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson has planned to present the Brexit Bill or the Withdrawl Agreement Bill in front of the new members of the parliament on December 20. Johnson has stiffened the government's steps in order to deliver the much-awaited Britain's divorce from the 27-nation bloc by January 31, 2020. UK PM's spokesperson told the reporters on December 16 that the government plans to start the process before Christmas with discussions with the speaker of the House in 'proper constitutional way'. 

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After a historic Brexit-dominated outcome in the snap general elections on December 12, the Parliament is now free to approve the Withdrawl Agreement Bill which was initially proposed by Johnson. However, a parliamentary deadlock was created on the fast track time-table for Britain's much-awaited divorce from the 27-nation bloc.

These turn of events had fueled Johnson's call for a new government and general election on the last month of 2019. The Conservatives were able to acquire a thumping majority in the British parliament with 365 seats in the face of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour's crushing defeat. Since the Conservatives now hold a clear majority of 80, Johnson had said in his victory speech that 'now Brexit is irrefutable'.

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Brexit vote before Christmas

Deputy finance minister, Rishi Saunak said that the new government will aim to re-submit the Withdrawl Agreement Bill to the lawmakers for ratification before Christmas. This would further allow the ministers to start work on other priorities such as 'levelling up' the country. The cabinet office minister Michael Gove also said on December 15 that 'to get Brexit done' will be the top priority in government and then to agree on a new trade deal with the European Union by the end of 2020.  

The Conservative PM visited the former strongholds of Labour after Corbyn's party faced a crushing defeat in the elections and said that he "will repay the trust". On December 14, Johnson visited the British citizens who turned their back on Labour party and helped Conservatives to acquire a historic majority in the snap general elections. The December 12 elections also turned out to be the biggest win for Johnson's Conservative party since Margaret Thatcher's triumph in 1987.

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