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UK's Bob Blackman Backs Farm Laws Says,'farmers Used As Pawns, Protest Not Driven By Them'

Bob Blackman tweeted in support of 3 Farm Laws and said, 'there has been much social media coverage around the Farmers Protest in India'. 

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Bob Blackman, a conservative party MP for UK's Harrow East came out in support 3 Farm laws. He tweeted and shared, 'A blithering idiot's guide to India's Agri Reforms" with information and graphs that shows how the 3 new farm laws proposed by the government in complete favour of the protesting farmers. 

Blackman tweeted and said there has been much social media coverage around the Farmers Protest in India. 

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He further added that elaborated guide about the protest, 'A blithering idiot's guide to India's Agri Reforms'.

In this guidance he mentioned that these protests are not done by farmers, barely a few farmers typically attend such protests- 0:00006% of India's 150 million farmers. The images and are clumsily edited and looped videos are in circulation which portrays the protest bigger than they actually are.

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Who are behind these protests? 

Blackman further added that these protests are not done by the Indian farmers but they are being used as a pawn.

"These protests are not at all driven by our decent, hard-working farmers. We honour and respect them. They are simply being used as pawns, and those supporting the reforms are the ones who in fact truly care dor them. Politicians, commission agents and a tiny elite of super-wealthy farmers together form the criminal APMC racket which are at the heart of these reforms. These exceptionally selfish vested interests are responsible for funding, promoting and organising these protests", he said.

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US Hails Centre's 3 Farm Laws

Amid the farmer's protest, the United States has now come out in support of India and hailed the Centre's three farm laws. The state department issued a statement indicating that the new Biden administration is supportive of the Indian government's move to reform the agricultural sector.

Reacting to India's ongoing farm protests, the state department further said that the "peaceful protests are a hallmark of any thriving democracy" and the differences between the parties should be resolved through talks.  

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