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'Are You Worried?': Ivanka Mocked For Saying Inquiry Into Trump’s Taxes Is 'harassment'

Ivanka Trump is being scorned by the internet users for saying that an investigation into her father’s taxes is politically-motivated “harassment”.


US President Donald Trump’s second child and his Adviser at the White House, Ivanka Trump is being mocked by the internet users for saying that an investigation into her father’s taxes is politically-motivated “harassment”. Ivanka has denied reports that Trump may have deducted tax on consulting fees paid to her company. According to NY Times reports, her firm was paid nearly $750,000 in fees while she was also an executive at the Trump organisation. 

While the office of New York’s attorney general is currently investigating possible tax deduction on this, Ivanka on November 20 took to Twitter and said that the “inquiry” by democrats is 100 per cent motivated by publicity and rage. She also claimed that there is nothing and there was no tax benefit whatsoever. 

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There is no evidence that Ivanka is being investigation personally. She and her father have repeatedly denied any alleged wrongdoing. However, Twitteratis called out Ivanka and mocked her for claiming the investigations amounted to “harassment”. 

While one user wrote, “The Trump Family whining and crying about "political harassment" is going to be deafening,” another said, “If you didn’t break the law, you’ve got nothing to worry about kiddo”. “Someone is sweating knowing they won’t have the WH to protect them anymore,” added third. “Don't do the crime if you can't do the time,” wrote fourth. 

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Trump’s finances published 

Meanwhile, the NYT report detailed on Trump's financial information supposedly obtained from his tax return data and published a timeline of fillings. As per the report, Trump reported “losing much more money than he made.” 

As per the publication, after going through Trump's tax return data of the last two decades, it found that he paid no federal income taxes on 11 occasions. As per the report, many of Trump's businesses have reported huge financial losses that have further contributed to lowering his taxes. However, NYT has denied publishing the documents in order to protect its source. 

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