California: Bear Opens Car Door, Enters Parked SUV During Snowstorm

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Bear opened car door, entered parked SUV in King's Beach, California. The area is near Lake Tahoe which is called "bear country" due to their dense population.

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A bear was caught in the camera while opening a car door and entering it in King's Beach near north Lake Tahoe in the middle of a snowstorm. The incident occurred on Tuesday and has gone viral after several media twitter handles and people have tweeted and retweeted it. The video was taken by the cars from California who were scared as the bear wouldn't come out of the car. The area is near Lake Tahoe which is inhabited by a lot of bears. These bears often wander off in search of food and shelter and there have been several incidents of bears breaking into cars in winters.

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Video of bear goes viral

The video was captured far off from the window of the car owner's house. In the video, one can see the bear walking towards the car and holding the handle of the car to open the door. Just then he gets in and doesn't seem like coming out and the family freaks out. A boy from the family then runs towards the car and opens one of the back doors yet the bear doesn't get out. The family keeps shouting to open the front door and the bear does so. Just then the bear gets out. The video has been viewed 424.4K times.

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Repeated break-ins by bears

Tahoe is known as the 'bear country' among locals due to the excessive presence of bears. As bears start preparing for hibernation, they enter places in search of food. A similar incident happened in the same area when a car owner found a bear trapped inside his car. Though the bear could be rescued, there was severe damage inside the car. Likewise, on November 28, a bear has been blamed for a pair of vehicle break-ins at an Alaska airport parking lot that resulted in thousands of dollars in damage to one car, officials said. Vehicle owners Doreen Phillips and Alyssa Brenteson are both residents of Akhiok. There have been five reports of bears going into vehicles in Kodiak since the beginning of the year. 

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Phillips said, "We live in a place where we have to be more aware of bears breaking in than humans".

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