California: Thief Steals SUV With Corpse, Police Appeal To ‘bring Back The Deceased’

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Thief ended up unknowingly stealing a corpse along with an SUV  in the US, international media reported. He was later arrested after he crashed the vehicle.

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California thief unknowingly steals SUV with corpse inside, arrested

A thief ended up unknowingly stealing a corpse along with an SUV  on February 26 in the US, international media reported.  The vehicle was parked outside a Greek Orthodox Church in Pasadena, California when it was stolen, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy Grace Medrano told a news agency. She added that the SUV was left running after the robber dropped one body.

"Out of all the bad decisions"

Medrano added that there was a second body lying in the black Lincoln Navigator when it was stolen. Later, the Sheriff’s department took to Twitter to urge the robber to at least return the corpse if not the vehicle. In the tweet, they asked the suspect to at least bring back the “casket."

The thief was eventually arrested on February 27 after a citizen spotted him and reported to the police. According to reports, the suspect crashed the vehicle in another SUV and was finally arrested. The corpse was still in the SUV after police seized the vehicle, international media reported.

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