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COVID-19 Outbreak: Trump Vows To 'soon' Open US Economy 'with A Bang'

Trump announced that he hoped to end the lockdown measures as soon as possible and reopen the US economy with a 'big bang' after drop in his approval ratings.


With Donald Trump's approval ratings declining day by day, the US President announced that he hopes to end the lockdown measures as soon as possible and reopen the economy with a 'big bang'. Trump while talking about reopening the US economy did acknowledge that doing so prematurely would not be a wise decision. 

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According to recent polls, Donald Trump's approval ratings fell to 45.2 per cent on April 8 from 47.3 on March 31. Media reports suggest that right-leaning polls also recorded a fall in Trump's approval ratings from 52 per cent on February 27 to the latest 47 per cent, which is bad news for the US President. However, there was this one poll by CNBC which recorded an increase in Trump's approval ratings by six points. 

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Trump administration is facing a lot of criticism for its inconsistent handling of the disease outbreak in the United States. The coronavirus cases in the country are highest in the world with over 4,35,000 infections and 14,700 deaths. The first case in the United States was recorded on January 20 and since then the numbers have just climbed upwards without giving any sigh of relief to the administration. 

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Coronavirus outbreak

The deadly coronavirus infection has claimed nearly 89,700 lives across the world and has infected over 15,33,500 people globally since it first broke out in December 2019. China was the most affected country until last month before Italy and Spain surpassed it to record the most number of deaths anywhere in the world due to COVID-19. The United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Iran have also overtaken China in terms of the COVID-19 death toll. The virus is believed to have originated from a seafood market in China's Wuhan city, the epicentre of the disease, where animals were reportedly being traded illegally.

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