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Joe Biden To Help India Get Seat On Reformed UN Security Council As US President: Advisor

US presidential nominee Joe Biden said that he will stand by India. His foreign policy advisor Tony Blinken said that India will be a key American partner.

Joe Biden

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed the NRIs on the occasion of India's Independence Day on August 15 and said that he will stand by India if he gets elected President. Biden's foreign policy advisor Tony Blinken also said that India will be a key American partner in any Biden administration.

Joe Biden on India-US relations

The Biden administration indicated that they will be an advocate for India in international institutions including the UN Security Council. On Saturday, during a panel discussion on 'US-India Relations and Indian Americans in Joe Biden Administration' a former diplomat Tony Blinken, who is now a top foreign policy advisor to Joe Biden, shared their plans to help India with the cross border terrorism threats and the increasing Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

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"In a Biden administration, we would be an advocate for India to play a leading role in international institutions. That includes helping India get a seat on a reformed United Nations Security Council," said Tony Blinken

"We would work together to strengthen India's defence and also I might add its capabilities as a counterterrorism partner. On the question of terrorism, specifically, we have no tolerance for terrorism, in South Asia or anywhere else: cross border or otherwise," he added.

Joe Biden's administration plans to stand by India against China which was confirmed by the US Democratic presidential nominee himself during his address to the Indian Americans on Independence Day.

"I will stand with India and confront the threat it faces in its own region and along its borders. Together we will take on big global challenges like climate change and global health security. We will strengthen our democracy with diversity which is our mutual strength. India and the US can have honest conversations about all issues just like friends do," said Joe Biden.

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