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Pentagon Admitted To Holding And Testing Wreckage From UFO Crashes: Researcher

The Pentagon has finally admitted to testing wreckage of UFO crashes, according to Anthony Bragalia who wrote to the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).


The Pentagon has finally admitted to testing wreckage of UFO crashes, according to Anthony Bragalia who wrote to the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) requesting details of all UFO material. In a blog post, Bragalia claimed that the DIA released 154-page test results of a mysterious “memory” metal called ‘Nitinol’ which remembers its original shape when folded. While speaking to The Sun, Bragalia even said that it was a “stunning admission” from the US government and added that some of the retrieved debris possess “extraordinary capabilities”. 

"Now officially referred to as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) rather than UFOs, some of this material was placed with a defence contractor for analysis and storage in "specialized facilities," Bragalia informed in his blog post.

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Bragalia said that the Pentagon has been able to learn some things about the materials of construction which hold tremendous promise as “futuristic materials” which will change lives forever. He said that the Freedom of Information request, first sent in 2017, was very specific seeking the test results of UFO debris, not with material already known to science. Further, in his letter to DIA, Bragalia claimed that the testing was carried out by Bigelow Aerospace, one of the DIA’s private contractors based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. 

UFO material could be from Roswell incident 

Bragalia believes that some of the material that is being tested could have come from the Roswell incident of 1947, in which a UFO was crashed in New Mexico. He said that although much of the reports’ details are redacted, what can be gleaned is that these technologies represent a literal quantum leap beyond the properties of all existing material known to man. He noted that throughout the official documents, mention is made of the potential use of some of the materials in “advanced aerospace platforms”. 

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“Reference is made to desired material characteristics such as being extremely lightweight and tough, like the characteristics of the debris found at the Roswell crash," Bragalia wrote. 

It is worth noting that former US President Donald Trump had given authorities 180 days to reveal all they know about the UFOs. The DIA and the Secretary of Defence were given at least six months to provide information on “unidentified aerial phenomena” to the congress and committees of armed services. The CIA later even allowed all UFO information to be downloaded ahead of the deadline last month. America’s spy agency had allowed documents to accessed by downloading from the Black Vault website and the data involved every instance of UAP which has been mapped by the US government. 

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