UK Woman On Universal Credit Wins £500k Twice Within 10 Days

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Anita Campbell in Country Durham was living on Universal Credit when her luck took a turn for the better; she won more than £500k twice within 10 days

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A woman from the UK has reportedly won £500,000 in less than two weeks. A mother of four, the woman was struggling to make her ends meet even while being on Universal Credit when she unexpectedly became a millionaire after two wins on an online bingo site. With all that money the winner, Anita Campbell has now perfectly managed to help out her family. As per reports, she's bought a new house for her elderly dad and has also helped her daughter out by paying for her to have IVF so she can have a family of her own. She had a lot of debts accrued after paying for her mother's funeral, which she managed to clear with the money she won. With the remaining money, Anita has also taken her family on shopping trips and even managed to fork out for a Lego set for her five-year-old grandson.

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Anita Campbell was in a precarious stage before the win

Before her win, Anita had been claiming Universal Credit for her ill health and was shocked when she won such a whopping amount. Speaking to a UK publication, Anita said that it was a bit of a dream and that she's over the moon. The first thought that passed through Anita's mind after winning the money is that she could help her kids with it, she shared with the publication. Anita spent more than a year on the Universal Credit and calls it a very hard period. She had lost weight due to poor appetite which affected her sugar level as she had diabetes. 

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Campbell plans to bid more in future

Anita, from Seaham in Country Durham won £597,000 just hours after joining an online bingo game. But then, ten days after her initial win, she managed to bag another £522,000. The second win shocked her even more, she explained. Anita has already left her rented house for a new property and has gifted all her furniture to others. She said it was her way of helping people who were in need. She had never invested more than £20 on a single bid and now feels like investing more in the future having won so much.

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