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US Capitol Siege: Varun Gandhi Asks 'Why Is There An Indian Flag There?' As Trump Concedes

BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Thursday, spotted an Indian flag among the pro-Trump supporters who stormed into Capitol Hill, forcing a 15-day lockdown of Washington DC

Indian flag

Aghast at the siege laid on the US Capitol as the US Congress and Senate voted to certify Joe Biden's electoral victory, BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Thursday, spotted an Indian flag among the pro-Trump supporters who stormed into Capitol Hill. The seige has forced a 15-day lockdown of the entire Washington D.C. Questioning the presence of the Indian flag, Gandhi stated 'This is one fight we definitely don’t need to participate in'. After the situation was brought under control, Joe Biden has been certified as the winner of the 2020 US Presidential elections with Trump conceding his defeat.

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Varun Gandhi: 'Why an Indian flag there?'

US Congress confirms Joe Biden's poll victory after Capitol chaos, Harris to be next VP

US Capitol siege by Pro-Trump supporters

On Wednesday afternoon, thousands of Trump supporters broke barricades outside the Capitol, and marched into the building. Scaling walls using scaffolding and breaking windows to enter the building. Inside the building, rioters banged on doors, trying to push through doors and fought with police. As per reports, by 2 PM, Capitol Police ordered all staff, reporters and nearby senators into the Senate chamber, which was sealed off and put on lockdown. Visuals from inside the Capitol show the rioters inside US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, inside the Congress and Senate Hall as police officers deployed tear gas inside the building. After the building was secured, at least four people have died, 52 have been arrested and over a dozen police officers have been injured.

Washington Mayor Bowser extends public emergency for 15 days due to US Capitol seige

Reports state that the siege on Capitol Hill occurred after President Trump had given a speech from the White House, urging protesters to march on the Capitol after making false claims of electoral fraud. Later, after the seige, Biden condemned the violence, urging Trump to 'stop this carnage' and 'do his Constitutional duty'. Trump, later gave a speech telling rioters to 'go home in peace', before formally conceding the election. DC police also said that two pipe bombs were recovered, one outside the Democratic National Committee and one outside the Republican National Committee, as per reports.

Biden elected 46th US President

 Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th US President, as called by the Associated Press (AP) on 7 November. With Biden winning 306 electoral college votes, AP called the presidential race with Biden winning four swing states - Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Biden also won the popular vote, winning 51% of the votes - amassing 8,12,83,485 ballots. The Democrats also regained control of the Senate, winning both run-off elections in Georgia on January 5, with the Senate tied at 50-50 and US VP-elect Kamala Harris acting as tie-breaker.

Trump after US Congress confirms Joe Biden's win: 'There will be an orderly transition'

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