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US Election 2020: Trump Slams Biden As Not Being "smart" Enough To Match Putin, Jinping

In another scathing attack on his Democratic rival, Donald Trump said that the country needs an “intelligent leader” and that Joe Biden has "lost it".

US Election 2020: Trump slams Biden for not being

In another scathing attack on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump said that the country needs an “intelligent leader” and that “Joe wasn’t smart enough” to match his counterparts. The remarks came as Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday, October 14. Iowa was easily grabbed by Trump in 2016, but the latest polls show a tough race in the swing state. 

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Trump Lauds Putin, Jinping

As per The Week reports, Trump lauded the intellect of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and even North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at his rally. Trump is reported to have said that these leaders were all “100 percent” as well as “sharp and smart”. Lambasting Biden for not matching to the aforementioned leaders, Trump said that he had "lost it" and everybody knew that.

The Republican leader is also reported to have brought up a poll by Focus on Rural America, which showed Trump leading by 50 percent to 44 percent against Biden. However, instead of expressing joy on his lead, Trump asserted that he was “concerned” that he was "only up by six". Riding upon his previous victory, he also asserted that nobody could've done "what he had done" for the state.

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American Presidential elections

With a little over two weeks left for the US Presidential Election, both, the Republican candidate Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden are pulling all stops to allure US citizens. On the other hand, voters are keenly observing and comparing both the candidates to choose their next leader. With the coronavirus pandemic and anti-racism protests wreaking havoc in the country, millions are gearing up to vote on November 3. 

The US political system is dominated by only two parties- The Grand Old Party (GOP) or Republican and the Democratic Party. This year the Republicans have nominated the incumbent leader Donald Trump for re-election while, on the other hand, the Democrats have nominated former vice president Joe Biden to be the next US President. While riding on the phrase "Make America Great Again", Trump has promised agricultural and economic reforms, Biden has pledged to introduce reforms in the policing system and end brutality in the nation.

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