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Kajol Opens Up On Standing Tall Despite Being Body Shamed, Comments On 'dark' Skin

Kajol recalled how her looks became a topic of discussion early on in her career. The Fanaa actress opened up on how she countered negative comments.

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Image: Kajol/Instagram

Kajol recently opened up about her struggles with body image and recalled how she was body shamed in the industry. In an interview, Kajol shared that when she joined the movie industry, a lot of people were labelled. She confessed that she was called "dark, fat and someone who wears spectacles all the time". 

Speaking to Humans of Bombay, Kajol was asked how she dealt with criticism of her looks and comments that tend to body shame her. The Fanaa star said that she never paid much heed to such negativity. She added that according to her, she was much more intelligent than the people who made such comments. She also said that people who wanted to be her friends with her were able to see past her physical appearances. 

Kajol also addressed the tags that were given to her when she first started acting in movies. She said, “There were a lot of tags at that point of time. 'She is dark, she is fat'...So many things. 'She wears specs all the time.'” The Dilwale star said that despite all this, she knew she was smart, cool and better than everyone else. She added that she never let her confidence hinder or let anyone pull her down. She concluded by saying that she "faked it till she made it" and finally, everyone embraced her for who she really was. 

Kajol on skin whitening 

In February this year, Kajol gave a cheeky reply to a troll. The Tanhaji actress took to her Instagram stories to share an eccentric photo of herself with a black mask and sunglasses covering her entire face. With the photo she wrote, “To all those who ask me how I became so fair #sunblocked #spfunbeatable (sic)." 


While the actor shut down many with her post, the criticism of her looks is not new. The actress had previously shared that she has not undergone any skin whitening or skin treatment surgeries. She revealed that for years she was working in the sun which harmed her skin. Kajol added that since her work in movies is sporadic, she spends most of her time indoors, which has made her skin lighten over the years. 

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