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Fly Away Book Spoilers: Plot Possibilities Of Netflix's Firefly Lane Season 2 Explored

Firefly Lane is enjoying the no. 1 spot on Netflix' top 10. Owing to the cliffhanger finale, let's explore the plot of season 2. Fly Away book spoilers ahead.

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Firefly Lane that recently premiered on Netflix on February 3, 2021, came to an end far too soon with little to no resemblance to the original book's actual ending. Many have entertained the possibility of the series renewing for a season 2 since it has a lot more to cover with regards to the many events that took place in the book. The best selling book of the same name has a sequel too, named as Fly Away. Since that storyline is also yet to be touched upon in the series, let's discuss what will pan out in Firefly Lane Season 2 as and when it's ordered.

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(Warning: Firefly Lane spoilers ahead)

Fly Away Book Spoilers - What happens in the books?

To understand the gist of Fly Away, a closer look at the events that took place in the first book, which didn't make it to the series, is necessary. In the series, viewers are only vaguely informed about the two best friend's fall out. Needless to say, the surprising ending hit the right spot as the two had portrayed a closer than a family bond for most of the series. In the book, the ending was far more emotional with the death of a central character and the ramifications that come with it. There is a high possibility of the show coming back after having left their audience with more questions than feelings. If the series does decide to follow the book later, the following is what is expected to happen in the future.

Fortunately, one storyline that managed to make it to the end of the 1st season was Kate's troubled relationship with her daughter Marah. In the book, Tully decides to put an end to the mother-daughter conflict as she decides to invite the two on her successful talk-show, The Girlfriend Hour, to discuss their relationship. Tully also calls a psychologist in an attempt to make Kate understand the repercussions of being an over-protective and dominating mother. This move only backfires as Kate is taken aback that her best friend thinks of her this way and had even gone out of her way to publically humiliate her like this.

This carves a deep scar in their relationship and is the actual reason behind their fall out, which the series only hinted at. What's worse is that soon enough, Kate gets diagnosed with cancer and the two hardly get time to repair their relationship before Kate loses her life. Fly Away follows Tully's life after the devastating event and the 14-year-old Marah, of course, who is consumed with the guilt of treating her mother badly during her final months. The book also introduces Tully's toxic mother Dorothy, of whom the series has only mentioned a couple of times till now, who comes back to fix her relationship with her daughter. If Firefly Lane gets a season 2, Kate will get the back-seat as Tully's present-day life will be explored more extensively.

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