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'Unfaithful' Ending Explained: Why Did Connie Suggest Fleeing The Country?

A lot of cinephiles want the Unfaithful ending explained. The Diane Lane and Richard Gere starrer film presented how an extra-martial affair leads to a murder.

unfaithful ending explained

Unfaithful is a thriller film starring Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Olivier Martinez, and Chad Lowe. The 2002 released film performed well at the U.S. box-office but received mixed reviews from the critics but the film turned out to be a successful project for Diane Lane as she bagged nominations for this role at Golden Globes and the Oscars.

Unfaithful presents the journey of a married couple who live in the suburban part of New York with their son. But soon, Diane Lane’s character starts having an affair with a man in New York due to a chance encounter. When Richard Gere finds out about this affair, he murders his wife’s lover. Even though the film has a simple story, its ending confuses many people. So here is Unfaithful's ending explained.

'Unfaithful' ending explained

Unfaithful starts off with Edward (Gere) and Connie (Lane) as mentioned above live in one New York’s suburban area. During a chance encounter, Connie runs into Paul Martel and in a minor accident, she scrapes her knees. Paul takes Connie to his apartment and tends to her wounds. He starts flirting with her but Connie ignores his advances.

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But when they bump into each other once again, their affair begins. Edward notices a change in his wife and hires a private investigator to follow his wife and he gets to know about Connie’s affair with Paul. When Connie realises that the affair is affecting her family she chooses to meet Paul one last time to end their affair. She sees Paul with another girl and breaks things up with him. Within a difference of a few seconds, Edward visit’s Paul’s apartment to confront him. He notices the snow globe he gifted Connie at Paul’s place and ends up hitting the same on Paul’s head and killing him instantly.

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Ending of 'Unfaithful' explained

After hitting Paul with the snow globe, Edward cleans up all the evidence and leaves the apartment. He also dumps Paul’s body at a landfill and even deletes Connie’s message on Paul’s intercom. A few days later, the police visit Connie and Edward’s house for Paul’s missing report investigation filed by his wife. Connie lies to the police and Edward also support her lie, thus Connie learns that Edward knows about their affair. One night, Edward stops at a traffic signal and Connie asks him if they should flee the country. But it turns out that Edward has stopped his car in front of a police station to confess his crime. 

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