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Will Smith's 'Independence Day' Was Shot Within Just 72 Days; Read More Trivia

Will Smith starrer 'Independence Day' which included an ensemble cast was shot within 72 days, the least time taken to film a blockbuster, read more trivia

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Will Smith's science fiction film Independence Day includes an ensemble cast of actors like Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch, Margaret Colin, Randy Quaid, Robert Loggia, James Rebhorn, and Harvey Fierstein. Released in 1996, the film went on to become the second highest-grossing film of that year. The military had initially supported in filming the movie but soon withdrew their support after they learnt of the Area 51 references. Read some more interesting trivia of the film below:

Independence Day movie trivia

  • 1 hour and 7 minutes in the film, a scene in which Will Smith drags an unconscious alien across a desert was filmed on the salt flats near the Great Salt Lake. He has a line and he says 'And what the hell is that smell', the line was unscripted. The Great Salt Lake is home to tiny brine shrimps and when they die, their bodies sink to the bottom of the lake mud and decompose. Since the bottom of the lake is not very deep, the smell of millions of decaying brine shrimp is too bad. Apparently, nobody warned Will Smith.
  • Dean Devlin said that most of the dialogue in the scenes that Jeff Goldblum shared with Judd Hirsch & Will Smith were improvised.

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  • Designer Patrick Tatopoulos came up with two costumes for aliens. Ronald Emmerich liked both the costumes so much that he decided to use both of them in the film. 
  • Independence Day holds the record for using most miniature model work to appear in the film.
  • The President's speech in the film on August 6, 1995, was shot in front of an old aeroplane hangar. The old hangar used to house the Enola Gay which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima exactly fifty years earlier on the same date.

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  • The White House interiors were originally built for The American President and were subsequently used for Mars Attacks! and Nixon
  • The film Independence Day was shot in 72 days, which is an unusually short period of time for such a blockbuster. 
  • The script of the film was penned in four weeks

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  • When Will Smith enters the squadron locker room, the extras watching TV are real pilots. 
  • When Ally Walker became unavailable at the last minute, Margaret Colin landed the role and began shooting for the film in less than 24 hours. 

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