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Will Smith's Iconic Lines From Men In Black That Are Sure To Make Fans Remember The Series

Will Smith in Men in Black and some of his most loved and remembered lines from the series that will make fans watch it again. Read further to know more.

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The Men in Black trilogy is still considered as one of the classic film series. The vision of the director proved to be far ahead of that time with the success of Men in Black. The series also helped to showcase the brilliance of actor Will Smith during that time. His quirky one-liners and his laid back demeanour in the Men in Black series made watching movies fun as well as thrilling. Despite the limited amount of films, Will Smith managed to create a lasting impact on audiences and became an instant fan favourite from thereon. Thus, here are a few memorable lines from the Men in Black series, said by Will Smith’s character Agent J.

Will Smith's most iconic lines from Men In Black

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“You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.”

In the film when J gets all suited up in the Men in Black signature suit and tie along with the goggles, he says this line. This was one of the quirky lines from the movie which simply goes on to showcase the attitude of the character Will Smith is playing. The character of J is quite confident and is excited for the journey ahead of him thus the line is said by the character.

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“Did you ever flashy-thing me?”

After watching several weapons used by the Men in Black, J is obviously confused due to the number of arsenals the Men in Black have. Since J has never seen such weaponry before, he is quite taken by the Flash that the Men in Black use to erase or neutralise memory. Thus out of concern, the character J asks his partner K if he ever neutralised him. The sequence is short-lived yet packs in a good laugh to watch the two agents interact with each other.

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“And we dress in black.”

When a character in the film explains the goals and the ideals of Men in Black, Will Smith’s character simply completes the sentence in a hilarious manner. Despite knowing the seriousness of the conversation, J still chooses to add a bit of a comment to make the audience watching the film crack up. The joke is simple and implies the Black Suits they always wear along with the many ideas that they follow.

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“I know you're a little scared. And I'm gonna keep it real with you, I'm a little scared too.”

Speaking to his partner K before a crucial mission, J says this dialogue. The agents appear to be under pressure and vulnerable during that particular scene. Therefore, J being the good guy that he is, tries to ease things for K by mentioning that he too fears the upcoming challenge. However, K refuses to be afraid. What follows next is a hilarious banter between the two where J takes his word back and says that he too is not really scared. The chemistry between the two actors seemed impeccable in this scene.


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“I'll see you, but you won't see me.”

Speaking to Laura, J answers her question of whether or not she will be able to see him in the future after he neutralises her memory. J responds to this by saying that she will still be able to see him but rather won’t remember him. Thus the line implies that J will be able to see her as he will always remember their interaction. However, Laura wouldn’t be able to “see him” as she would not even recognize him in the first place after being neutralised.


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