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K-Drama Quiz: What K-drama Should You Be Watching Next?

Picking up best K-dramas to watch can be tough. So, we bring you this k-drama quiz to take and decide which show will suit your character the best.

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k-drama quiz

K-Drama Quiz: What K-drama should you be watching next?

Are you always confused about which are the best K-dramas to watch? Then, this is K-drama quiz can be really useful for you. From the absolutely magical True Beauty episodes to the amazing Run On cast, pick only the best of your choice.

1. Which does your ideal date look like?

·       Wine and soft music

·       Video games and movie marathon

·       At a shooting range

·       An adventurous hike or a night drive



2. What do you do when a friend slips and falls?

·       Fall with them so they don’t feel embarrassed

·       Laugh first, then help

·       Figure how they fell

·       Jump to save



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3. How do you react after losing an argument with a friend?

·       It's no big deal!

·       Sulk, because they suck 

·      Clap for them

·       Come back with facts and pointers



4. What do you do after an embarrassing moment in front of your crush?

·       Keep apologizing to them for no reason

·       Confidently ask them what’s wrong

·       Embarrassment? What's that?

·       If I go down, you go down with me



5. Someone comes to you without a mask and coughs; what do you do?

·       Give them your extra mask

·       RUN FOR LIFE

·       Confront them

·       Keep away and share your sanitiser



6. What is the weirdest food combination you can eat?

·       Anything and everything sweet,mixed in a bowl

·       ANYTHING. Just give me food, I won't judge

·       “Surprise me”

·       Everything  undercooked



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7. What do you do when someone follows you?

·       Life starts flashing in front of my eyes

·       Look for someone or 'something' to feel safe

·       Turn around and confront them

·       Run at the speed of light



8. What do you do if you get a bonus at work?

·       Get something for your loved one

·       Save it, I’ll need it later

·       Gone in 60 seconds!

·       That dream pair of sneakers is coming home



9. What will you stock-up on if the world goes into lockdown again?

·       Essentials and lots of snacks

·       MAGGI.

·       Get ready for the apocalypse

·       Veggies and fruits



10. What videos are on your Instagram explore page?

·       Instagram reels and TikToks

·       Motivation videos

·       DIY videos and slime ASMR

·       Workout routines



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11. What is your favourite Korean reaction?

·       Mianhe. (Sorry.)

·       Ottoke? (What to do?)

·       Wae? (Why?)

·       Mashisoyo! (Very tasty!)



12. What is your take on plot twists?

·       Anything but sad!

·       YES!

·       Just a little tweak will do

·       Too much to take



13. It’s your day off. What are you doing?

·       DATE!

·       What’s an off day?

·       Go out and party!

·       Go for a run and a good sleep



14. You often find yourself attracted to…

·       Hopeless romantics

·       Inspiring storytellers

·       Dancers and travellers

·       Physical fitness



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15. What is your guilty pleasure?

·       Dubbed south-Indian movies

·       Fall asleep watching TV

·       Wear clothes like Ranveer Singh and pose in front of the mirror

·       Junk food



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If your answers were mostly 1, you should watch True Beauty. The story of an 18-year-old high school student who suffers from an inferiority complex after constantly being discriminated against by her family and bullied by her peers due to being perceived as ugly. The show is a fresh breeze of life and romance.

If your answers were mostly 2, you should watch Start-Up. Set in Sandbox, South Korea's very own fictional Silicon Valley, Start-up revolves around the life of people in the world of startup companies aiming for gold.

If your answers were mostly 3, you should watch The Uncanny Encounter. A story set in the fictional city of Jungjin, where a group of four demon-hunters called the Counters bear the task of searching for and banishing evil spirits.

If your answers were mostly 4, you should watch Run On. The love story of Ki Seon-gyeom, a former sprinter who is working to become a sports agent falling for a subtitle translator.




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